Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hedingham Castle

Oh what can you do on Easter weekend I hear you ask. With the shops closed on Easter Sunday, I will be the first to admit that if you find your mind wandering after finishing yet another book/watching another film or your family are just generally doing your head in, then it is time to scramble out of the house.

This brings me to the main subject matter; Hedingham Castle, a 900 year old Norman keep. Now, it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but its a great trip for a couple, a young family or even an aspiring photographer. The castle itself has several levels and is quite safe to explore... although, do not go wandering past the usual rope which conceals a darkening staircase... you may live to regret it.

  photo 038_zps62f84c4c.jpg  photo 011_zps16631d33.jpg

The boy and I chose to go on the Easter Monday as Sunday was a complete wash out.
We started off exploring the castle, then watched a demonstration of the trebuchet. I first learned about these siege engines way back in Year one at Mountfitchet Castle, but have never seen it up close when in use. It was quite impressive actually and I can see why these were key to have when storming a fortress.

 photo 029_zpsbe14261f.jpg  photo 028_zpse3ae6ab1.jpg

They were going to launch a fake bloodied head but as a lot of children were present, they decided not to, much to our disappointment! =P

A skirmish then took place at the front of the castle, again, because of the amount of children, I feel they did tone it down a lot, but it was still pretty cool to see men walking around from head to toe in plate armour. As it was a warm day, they must've been sweltering!

 photo 034_zps0c48563f.jpg  photo 033_zps4318b3c5.jpg  photo 036_zps0673e7bc.jpg

Now, because it was primarily a children's event, there was a mahoosive queue for the ice-cream van so my poor old boy did not get his lemon ice. He however held it together and we did, despite the tameness, have a fantastic day :)

 photo 039_zps488aac70.jpg  photo 027_zpsc13b7b3e.jpg  photo 043_zpsa4630ca7.jpg  photo 012_zps3a838a02.jpg

skirt - forever 21 (£12.75)
black blouse - topshop via a charity shop - (£3.75)
boots - mums
leather jacket - topshop via a charity shop (£14.99) - the one i found in colchester ;) its lovely.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Russell Howard

Russell Howard is one of my favourite comedians (after Mr Boyle of course) and the decision to purchase tickets for one of his gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, was the correct one :D

 photo 10154003_10203056839558460_6371782334838813198_n_zpsde505e72.jpg  photo 10245402_10203056843598561_348205855701317849_n_zps9bfd462a.jpg

We started the day off in Giraffe at Westfields then continued on our journey towards Hyde Park.
I definitely prefer Hyde to St James's as the Tyburn tree once stood close by! There is just a plaque on the pavement now but it was quite surreal to think we were standing where tonnes of traitors were once awaiting their punishment.

 photo 10154334_10203056782237027_7245213389752879308_n_zpsfcc18255.jpg  photo 988865_10203056838518434_5211792146949090429_n_zpsdab06c48.jpg

After admiring the plaque (which is on a crossing), we strolled through Hyde, bought orange ice lollies and lazed in the sunshine :)

 photo 10176248_10203056811197751_5008755451497791282_n_zpsf6fa22ff.jpg  photo 10155842_10203056807597661_437995789944300824_n_zps80d4229f.jpg  photo 1959475_10203056817117899_8831453420556381850_n_zps16637528.jpg

coat - topshop via ebay (about £14)
shoes - topshop in the sale (£10)
blouse - oasis in the sale (£12)
dress (worn as skirt) - topshop via a charity shop (£2.99)

After this, we grabbed a few drinks in The Tyburn (a pub) then made our way towards the gig and ended the night flushed with tears of laughter streaming from our eyes.
I think he almost triumphed over Mr Boyle ;)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

Kelvedon Hatch `Secret` Nuclear Bunker, is a hidden gem in the Essex countryside (in the borough of Brentwood) and of course, is no longer secret as it is open to the public (£7 for adults) :)
It was built in 1952 and was originally an RAF ROTOR station then over time developed into a Government HQ intended to house 600 people (even the Prime Minister ;)). At a time where threat of nuclear war was rife, civillians were obviously petrified.
It was eventually decomissioned in 1992 and is one of the few bunkers in the UK to be open to the public.

Unfortunately i couldn't take photos as you have to pay for a permit, but I did take some snaps outdoors :)

 photo DSCF0245_zpsfe4f8d2b.jpg  photo DSCF0246_zps6a76661f.jpg  photo DSCF0252_zps0f63bc4b.jpg  photo DSCF0255_zps31809649.jpg  photo DSCF0256_zps13986293.jpg  photo nuclear_zps08432a73.png

Dress - topshop in the sale (£25)
Cardigan - topshop in the sale (£15, 5 years ago)
Bag - ebay (£20) - I always seem to use this bag :)

Russell Howard on the 16th, eeee :) also, still ploughing on with the novel.