Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy Christmas

I got a new camera for christmas (thank you Martin!).

I could not take pictures yesterday as it did not come with a memory card, however we ventured to the shops today and obtained one!

 photo 005_zpsfecc0202.jpg

t-shirt - topshop via the sale (£8)
cardigan - gift
jeans - topshop via ebay (around £8)

These beauties are my recent buys!

 photo 23U03EBTL_large_zps001174a1.jpg
£48 from topshop

 photo 10D10FOAT_large_zpsc52d4eb9.jpg
£32 from topshop

 photo 42Z25EBLK_3_large_zpse66813fe.jpg
£10 in the sale - topshop

I hope everyone had a great Christmas :) the boy bought me 4 books about medieval Welsh history and various other bits and pieces. I have taken it easy over the last few days but plan to delve back into the old novel at the weekend!

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hello! You'll be pleased to know that I am still alive :) I started a new job nearly 3 weeks ago, then my camera decided to die so that is why I have been incognito for a while.

These pictures are from our trip to Colchester over a month ago... and yes, I have posted the yellow coat photo again :)

 photo yellow_zpseda20882.jpg  photo 828671928_zps9d11b870.jpg  photo 828671870_zpsebcee6a9.jpg

It has been difficult in trying to keep up with my novel... after getting home at 17:30 everyday, all I want to do, is relax. Thankfully, my lovely boy is being very supportive and is helping me out a lot by knowing when to leave me be haha. Just last night whilst I was pouring over the Welsh invasions during Edward I's reign, he was eating crisps and watching Indiana Jones!

Anyway, I have been bought a camera for Christmas, so expect more picture heavy posts in the New Year!