Sunday, 28 April 2013

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema club are one of my FAVOURITE bands and myself and the boy secured tickets to see them live at Alexandra Palace in North London last October. It was the best day of my life so far; getting quite drunk in the Wetherspoons near the venue, munching sandwiches in the queue, drinking cider quietly at the back ignoring the support acts then going absolutely mental when the great band came on stage. One girl said I looked very Irish... must be the hair and freckles.

 photo 399863_10151911970887178_809690472_n_zpsf27e4a47.jpg  photo 399756_10151911968432178_876782160_n_zpsa08397da.jpg  photo 936755_10151911968942178_2027927462_n_zpsc9a0c629.jpg  photo 397817_10151911969762178_853125735_n_zpsf90b0731.jpg  photo 392522_10151911971737178_1213122077_n_zpsb906b39f.jpg  photo 58151_10151911970422178_2038745914_n_zps536aeed9.jpg

My coat is an ebay purchase, its a Topshop factory second coat, £20! The bag is from Tesco, currently in the sale at £8.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


On Friday, myself and the boy ventured down to London for the day. We started off in good old Forbidden Planet where it is impossible not to feel overwhelmed! The boy purchased a comic book of some sorts and I purchased an awesome Gandalf figurine, it was reduced to £7.99 so that was a bonus.
Oxford Circus was the next stop, if you are in the area, go to the HMV, there is a really cool display at the back of the shop; Bag End!
Topshop was the next stop, twas absolutely mental in there (when isn't it?) and found a perfect grey dress in the sale. I shall blog about that at a later date. The sale was slightly disappointing but I rarely walk out of Topshop empty handed :).

Next stop, was the Natural History Museum. It was a spur of the moment decision because we had our hearts set on Brick Lane.... alas, we got lost in Whitechapel... nuff said.
Anywhoo, the museum was super and I thoroughly enjoyed eyeing up valuable rocks, jewels, animal bones and fluffy birds. When it came to dying of thirst, a coke and apple juice cost a fiver!!!!!!!! It was however, most refreshing.

The highlight of the day was seeing Milton Jones. Tickets were booked a year ago so we were very excited. The support act, Chris Martin reminded me of a certain Mr Howard ;)

Piccys and all that jazz, trench is my beloved treasure found on  cardi is old Oasis and dungarees playsuit is Topshop (via ebay).

 photo 644665_10200642483801075_2104130751_n_zps62ccf680.jpg  photo 532862_10200642481521018_562045117_n_zps9d80d944.jpg  photo 533912_10200642480000980_88680044_n_zps91264407.jpg  photo 539759_10200642482641046_1639320250_n_zpsa652db23.jpg  photo 321511_10200642485521118_1354085260_n_zps64523baa.jpg