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I had been looking forward to this day for ages! As the real date of the battle was the 14th October, we decided to travel down south a week before to avoid getting caught among tonnes of people.
Battle Abbey was up first, only £7.80 to get in if you are not English Heritage members, and you get a free audio tour of the battlefield and the abbey itself :). Some of the field was sectioned off as the event last year did a fair bit of damage, but it was still incredible to think we were standing where potentially either Harold or William stood on that fateful day.

 photo 1380218_10201669645599478_404725290_n_zps6f20ce5e.jpg  photo 1385195_10201669625718981_500660304_n_zps18b00a6e.jpg  photo 1385393_10201669648759557_338278236_n_zps1e00781b.jpg  photo 1384152_10201669651759632_826284337_n_zps5e72a703.jpg

The views were absolutely stunning and I felt a tear run my cheek as I breathed in the scent of the battle itself (sorry, that's Rebecca the poet there) but yes, I felt quite emotional.

 photo 1383467_10201669640319346_1739953559_n_zpsd94957a3.jpg  photo 1378273_10201669680080340_1006015075_n_zps44a958be.jpg

We then sped off for Hastings itself, grabbed lunch then explored Hastings castle, the first Norman castle built in England (correct me if I am wrong!). The scenery, again stunning.

 photo 1379234_10201669669720081_1834717044_n_zps8f5a6740.jpg  photo 562940_10201669667080015_1612827437_n_zps2dccbc7a.jpg  photo 1379252_10201669663879935_299355009_n_zpsafb48243.jpg

I ruined a pair of black shoes whilst walking around Battle... luckily my old battered boots were in the back of the car!

dress - topshop (£25 in the sale)
cardigan - topshop (£15 in the sale)
boots - new look (£30, 5 years ago)
bag - ebay (£20)
coat - topshop factory second (£40 via ebay)


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coat - primark (£18)
jumper - topshop (£12 in a sale about 7 years ago)
jeans - topshop (can't recall the price!)

I'm planning to publish another 2 posts this week, one about our trip to London on Wednesday, the other about our trip to Berkhamsted castle earlier on today :)