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Latest Purchases

Thought I'd take a short break and share all of my latest purchases :)

H&M via a charity shop - £1.99

 photo 008_zpsa7f8a0a5.jpg

H&M via a charity shop - £1.49

 photo 006_zpsf5ddef2d.jpg

Topshop - £26 (present from the boy)

 photo 005_zpsd5d44848.jpg

Topshop - 3 for £8

 photo 004_zpsc8206697.jpg

Topshop via a charity shop - £1.99

 photo 003_zps368affd3.jpg

Topshop - £20

 photo 001_zps61234676.jpg

I also purchased a tartan scarf from Topman for £14 when we visited London on thursday :) My next post will be a lot more exciting as we are off to Hastings on Saturday, very excited!


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Berkhamsted Castle

Back in May, we travelled to Hertfordshire to visit Berkhamsted's Norman motte-and-bailey castle.

Originally a motte-and-bailey then, this was thrown up after the battle of Hastings in order to monitor the route from the Midlands to London - serving as a strategic fortification for William I. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, mentions Berkhamsted as the place where the archbishop of York, Edgar aetheling, earl Edwin and earl Morcar, surrendered to William (they probably didn't have any choice):

'He (William) went up with all the army that was left to him, and those who had since come over the sea, and ravaged all the parts he went over, until he came to Berkhamsted. There he was met by archbishop Aldred, child Edgar, eorl Edwin, eorl Morkere and all the best men of London'

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5 Rebbeccas

My second gig this year, still can't believe it!

The View were awesome!<3 nbsp="" p="">
Earlier on in the day, we attended the British Library's Russian Revolution exhibition - Click, and it was brilliant, very detailed. And you don't even have to be a History Undergraduate like me to take it in/enjoy it :) Beginning with the peasant emancipation and ending with Lenin's death, it's a modern Historian's dream!

We were also very lucky with the weather!

My next post will be about Berkhamsted Castle.

Blakes Wood

There's nothing more relaxing than a walk in the woods. And Blakes Wood in Danbury is the perfect place to go in order to 'blow the cobwebs away' <3 p="">


coat - primark (£18)
jumper - topshop (£12 in a sale about 7 years ago)
jeans - topshop (can't recall the price!)

I'm planning to publish another 2 posts this week, one about our trip to London on Wednesday, the other about our trip to Berkhamsted castle earlier on today :)